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Essence Statistics

Personally for myself I've given up on the league as there is no way I can get to 36 challenges it doesn't even seem doable unless you're an insane OP player, I'm level 90 & struggling to do the end game bosses over tier 11, I've attempted making 2 other toons but they are even weaker, so my strongest toon is an ancestral warchief Hierophant this league. I've played since open beta & I'm not the best player by any stretch of the imagination but in the past I always felt I could get there if I tried - this time I feel I can't. So just plodding about in standard & attempting to work on what I could possibly do next league to "be stronger".

Looking at my friends list I'm lucky to see 4 online in Essence or Std combined, so seems like most have also given up, some friends haven't even made level 90 now as the leveling process end game is so slow also now.

Other than the disappointment of missing out on the portal I have enjoyed the league & essences & hope they make it into the Core game.
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Love it when GGG shares stats!
can we get stats about how many people use BV in essence so we can all have a good laugh and forget why this season was so nice but ruined by this skill/pathfinder build.

nice lg ^^ nice challendgs ^^

Interestly, you will leave the league to us (as prophecy)? =)
Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN! I DARE YOU! I DOUBLE DARE YOU, MOTHE**UCKER! Say what one more god damn time!
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I'm in the top... prolly like 0.5%? yey :P

Honestly, if a casual like me can get 40/40 (and COUNTLESS Exalts worth of Items,) while having not played in weeks...

How are y'all slackin' so much?

I hope GGG bakes in the more interesting Essnce Mods into the Rare Affix pool, to finally fix the problem of "making Rares great again" (which Essences did NOT help, because they don't affect actual Rares that [drop.])
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not surprised given that since Drillneck uniques are BiS. itemization diversity.
Be pretty cool to award a new weapon effect "Sword of a Thousand Truths" that guys, who haven't life and got 40 achivments at least in 3 leagues in a row.
if u know what I mean
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kinda wish the portal mtx was a bit cooler the perandus one is soooo good
Allright allright allright. Essences in core.
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