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dime wrote:
step aside boys

Rofl u must also have some mtx mess
Like me :-) my profile is open ;-)
No Problem,
Alabamak wrote:
essence worst league ever and reason why i quit poe

And nothing of value was lost.
No rest for the wicked.
lots of numbers. some are higher than others. they are in tables too. great.
I know it's not true, but it could be.
Hydros80 wrote:
Please add essence to core game :)

Please, don't!!!
NOT another l@me league into the core game like prophecy please.
We want Perandus and Talisman instead!
Yay im a part of the no lifing 2% of 40's :D

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erm, I've just come back from half a bender after Melbourne Cup and realised I can't read a graph.

100% of those who have done 1 have 1. Ok, so the bar goes to the top, there are 10 lines, so each line is 10%

31.95% have Footprints. This is at 12, but the bar at 12 goes 2.5 lines suggesting 25%

11.54% have Essence Wings. This is at 24, there's a bit over a line so ok.

2.29% have Essence Portal. This is at 36, the bar is right on the first line suggesting 10%. The bar at 40 looks more like 2%. Why are the bars at 24 and 36 so similar when the percentages are so different?

I'm lost. I either need another drink, or to drink less.

I'm going to go with another. Cheers!

The explanation is: you have to ADD 24 - 40 vs 36-40 to get the correct numbers.

Im really exited to see what the MTX rewards are for the next league! I have to keep up the streak
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Bex_GGG wrote:
31.95% of players who completed any challenges have earned the Essence Footprints

I don't understand the graph. Assuming each horizontal bar is 10%, 12/40 looks like 25% of players.

Bex_GGG wrote:
2.29% of players who completed any challenges have earned the Essence Portal

Again here it doesn't make sense. Based on the graph, 10% of players who completed a challenge got 36/40. 40/40 looks like 2.29%.
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Apokalyxio wrote:
Always love stats!

this post is totally not about me being on the front page!


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There, fixed it for 24-40, this is how this should look like:

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