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now please create a "restore last sale" on NPCs.

I accidently sold my Taste of Hate to vorici and ripped 7ex by missclicking it.

All RPG/MMO games around the world have such option, it can and eventually will happen to someone else. Come on guys. You can do it.

Thank you.

PS: I understand a little of programming, a easy way to make the restore sales on NPC is adding anything you sold to him to a 2nd tab of the items that NPC is selling. For example, if I sell ToH accidently to vorici, it would be in a 2nd stash tab on the 'purchase items' options by the same price he paid me ( few alchemy shards ).

In this way, you can sell and buy back any item to NPC. This fixs accidently mistakes while cleaning stash and it's very easy to do.

I'm looking forward to see this changes coming, I know im not the first but I wish I was the last to pass through this. Deleting 7exalted-flask is just painful.
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lol :D 4 years ago i joined the game , i never finished back now!
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Where are the stats on how many people actually played this league?
with these statistics i guess you guys will have a big work to do to rebalance/modify them all lol.
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Awesome! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing these with us :)
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As always, thanks for the cool infos Bex! <3
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It'd be cool if they showed average hours played for players who got X amount of Challenges..

So people can see that the reason they haven't gotten 36+/40 ISN'T because they're "casual," but because they suck/lack motivation. :P
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The statistics look negativ to me..
tm10067 wrote:
These "numbers" are quite useless without the main number.

Not useless, as they show ratios. But yeah, agreed that without the Y-axis values this is only for a casual "oh, that's cool" remark.
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