Scorching Ray Skill Gem Mechanics

Super hype! Cant wait to try it!
@Zizaran ingame
4x totem ray templar confirmed new meta..... dual curse just for total domination.
Chaos conversion too.
"Im smartest. Your stoped. Dael wiht it."
Hmm... does this make Incinerate obsolete?
I woul use it complementary, incinerate totem with player casting scorching beam for lowering fire res. both benefit great from cast speed, fire damage,...

edit: wtb searing touch :-D
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Emberwake/Taming candidate?
Looks cool

Immo_scion - Lv 100 solo - Playing in partys is too easy - solo for life :)
Disintegrate Yay!

Had to scroll down way too far for this...wait what?

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Kruton wrote:
Emberwake/Taming candidate?
nah, I suspect emberwake is like the worst item for this
Sounds different enough from incinerate to be justified, well done

Taudlitz wrote:
Kruton wrote:
Emberwake/Taming candidate?
nah, I suspect emberwake is like the worst item for this

It sorta sounds like it has a built-in emberwake doesn't it?

"The burning damage on enemies grows while they're in the beam."
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So it works pretty much exactly the way I figured it would, just with bonuses - DoT beam as opposed to Incinerate's machine-gun-projectile 'beam'. Strips away fire resistance, to boot. That's a very nice booster.

I imagine there'll be a lot of folks using a Scorching Ray totem as a sort of Wither-totem-for-fire-skills - set up your SRT, it strips resistances on big fat boss guys, you follow up with your newly harder-hitting main fire skill. Which may well be your own Scorching Ray, if the fire pen debuffs stack. Either way, will definitely have a place in the game as a complementary skill for fire builds even if it doesn't end up being main skill worthy. I mean hell, it counts as burning damage so you could even try and make FLAMESTRIKE actually do its job.

I know, right?

And doesn't really have anything to do with 'replacing' Incinerate, so hey. People can quit flipping their gourds over that. Now to see if the other channeled skills are BEEMUs or if we get something else quirky.
But...... does Fire Penetration work with it?

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