Scorching Ray Skill Gem Mechanics

Seems cool but I thought we were getting 3 skills with the next update?

Quantume wrote:
4x totem ray templar confirmed new meta..... dual curse just for total domination.
Chaos conversion too.

Nerfed already before release lol
No Problem,
Does it work with spell echo?
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DarkMantle wrote:
Does it work with spell echo?

Judging from all the other channeled skills, I think it's safe to assume spell echo will not work.

f**k yeah!! want now
i wonder how the skill feels with the turnrate tied to castspeed since i played an other argp which has a lot of channeld skills and they let you wiggle the skill all over screen as fast as you can move the cursor :D

has the spell an initial casttime or is it instand.

i dont know about letting the skill also be modified by spelldmg it makes it sound a bit like essencedrain and unless it also does like 3 times the dmg of essencedrain i dont think the skill will competitive :D
I have a feeling a "Fortify while channeling" support gem might be needed to make such a skill self cast viable. Flameblast at least can move while dealing damage ( threw burn ) - a build that has to run and cant deal damage while doing so and cant leech shouldnt be too viable / fun against harder bosses.

Sounds nice for totems though.
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so it IS a blowtorch.

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
I can already see that a RF build will be better with it, not need to change anything.
shouldnt there be something in the skill description (or pop-up as you call it) about it lowering fire res? that is how you guys seem to describe it, "stripping away fire res"

Any way we can know how much or just more hidden stuff we supposed to figure out, and if havent read this post wont know?

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