Scorching Ray Skill Gem Mechanics

DorkoWT wrote:
Will this be affected by multiple projectiles?

No, and it says so in the post
doesn't sound that interresting to me, it's probably op as hell!
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BugsyLLJK wrote:
The burning damage on enemies grows while they're in the beam. The cast speed of the beam affects how frequently this damage builds up. The more intensely the beam burns, the more it strips away fire resistance, making it great for taking on powerful resistant enemies.

So this stages up like incinerate right?

And since it does fire dot damage multiple beams won't stack with each other?

Given the description and making a guess based off one of the other channeled skills, it sounds to me like the progressive damage ramps up sorta of hybrid between Incinerate's growing damage to how wither assists chaos damage. In that wither imposes a stacking 7% increased chaos damage taken debuff on its target, and Incinerate gains 50% more damage per stage.

Complete guess but from the description, it sounds like Scorching Ray will do both. Increase or more damage given the duration an enemy is in the ray as well as imposing a debuff to lower fire resistance.

I'm not sure how exactly that will work with the damage increase since there is no hit and whether an enemy stays in the beam or not is conditional and as we know conditional modifiers do not apply to DoT.
This looks pretty HOT(im not sorry, even a little)
Can we get a clarification wether Elemental Focus support gem will work for it or not the description is rather vague as usual :)

Also "recently" refers to 4 seconds, the video is a month old :DD
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While it is great getting new skills we can already tell that it is going to be really unbalanced IF the current double dipping system remains as it is.

Applying burning damage from range, which can stack up, reducing enemy restistances to fire which can be linked to multiple more multipliers AND does work with spell damage (aka controlled destruction support + pain attunment) while beeing immune to reflect since the skill doesn't hit and is only applying a debuff - this is going to be insanity...

I guess the drawback is that you can't leech, which isn't a real drawback after all - LOL

My final words i just have to add at this point: RIP Incinerate - this new skill is far superior in every way imaginable. Hopefully it costs a ton of mana to be somewhat "balanced" :D

Looking foreward to play a broken skill which will get nerfed 2 weeks after release.
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If you want chanelled skill with totem, better use flameblast rather than this joke.
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