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Build of the Week S06E08 Ranged Attack Totem Tactical Nuke by russelhentz

Awesome build!
The quality of these BotW videos has gone waaay up of late. The builds are more interesting, the explanations more pertinent and the videos are just more fun to watch.

Good job.
That is bloody brilliant. Damn man.
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
just when i think i've seen it all, lol
SooperNoodle wrote:
EDIT: nvm, looking at an old version of the offline skill tree. Apparently, the actual explanation is that since the phys dmg is so low (1-1) that it does not add any fire damage.

Thanks for posting this here. If Bex (or anyone else at GGG involved in making BOTW videos) reads this thread, it would be nice for more attention to minute details like this to be put into the videos. I'm always more impressed by people who actually know all of what's going on.
Thank you Bex_GGG for all the videos, Bex_GGG best girl :) hoping to ear you again on Season 7.

bravo :)
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See now that is an awesome way to end BoTW! A unique and interesting set up that takes an obscure ascendacy quirk that many players get but ignore, and turning it into a full blow build.

Very much worth the BoTW
Very clever build indeed!
Cool concept, boring and slow gameplay.

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