Too Much Clutter? Check Out the Super Stash Sale!

rip everyones wallet
mightve had me if coincided with free mystery box, it doesnt, so meh
Last edited by BKJohnsen on Aug 11, 2020, 9:03:54 AM
Come on, GGG... I need resistance for sales T_T sos
JohnNamikaze wrote:
tnemrot wrote:
Chaika on the front page!

This made me lol.

Me too, haha.
Shut up and take my money !!!
Bring me one of those chickens.
I have too many.
I_NO wrote:
I have too many.

IGN @dime
damn and i just bought some yesterday ugh
I_NO wrote:
I have too many.

+1, readonly tabs :)

So I would gladly buy like 20 tabs, but since GGG decision that new tabs covers read only first, haven't bought any. Seems like GGG don't want my money after all :D
Anticipation slowly dissipates...

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