Too Much Clutter? Check Out the Super Stash Sale!

What's the % in sale?

I remember that old 50% sale before, is this just as value-saving?
its kewl that stashes are on sale again. I just wish they were at a cheaper price than the normal daily sales. I would of bought a bunch. But since i already bought supporter packs this league. I'll just wait till next league hoping that we some more skills or that their is more skills use-able for end game other than bv and totems. As I find its more of a deal to buy supporter packs and then wait till stash is on daily sale.

With that said i still think its kewl though so props. Just wish it wasn't almost 20$ atm for a stash bundle :(
nice spam in game a few minutes ago......too damned bad we can't report you so as to be muting.....
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Eh, I've 30-something premiums and a currency. Feel like I'm good for a while. :P
So that's 20-30% or something?

Please do a 50% sale some time again.
So, I have 43 premium stash tabs and currency tab. I thought I'm set for life since I only play challenge leagues. I usually play for 4 or 5 weeks in a league till I get bored and move to a new game. Essence league and Atlas changes, however, still keeps my attention and I already used 39 out of my 44 stash tabs. Yes, I'm a hoarder particularly because I play mostly SSF with a little bit of trading.

Maybe it is time to go blow few more points from my supporter's pack on more stash tabs...

PS. One reason I no longer visit standard is the horrible mess with read-only tabs that migrate to standard after temporary leagues finish.
isn't the real news the closure of the garena sea realm and the resulting merge?
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I kinda missed the "Do you need more pockets?" in the announcement text...
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Nothing here for me =/
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Cocofang wrote:
Please do a 50% sale some time again.

Maybe in 3 weeeks on black friday weekend, like they did in 2014 ...

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