PC servers are restarting in:
They should be back up in approximately 15 minutes.

Too Much Clutter? Check Out the Super Stash Sale!

Still waiting for Guild currency tabs..............
Still have to buy points first... my wallet is safe.

On a positive note, to whom it may concern, thank you for finally
restoring website functionality with older versions of Safari.
Not sure when function was restored, but thank you.
nice event
just bought the currency tab and few more tabs, did I really need it? not really was ok for 4 years without them (this aint my first purchase from ggg, in case people comment on no supporter pack thing).

But need to support this company even with small purchases, what ever we can. Do they make mistakes? which company doesn't? So lets not get too picky....
Last edited by Reallysilent on Nov 6, 2016, 2:02:58 PM
Just came back to the game and missed out. :(
character slots would have been a more appropriate sale for race weekend.

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