Content Update 2.4.2 is just around the corner and contains three new channeled skills Last week we revealed the mechanics of the Scorching Ray Skill Gem. Today we're revealing the second channeled skill from this update: Blade Flurry.

Channeling Blade Flurry sends out shadowy figures to slash at enemies in front of you, dealing Area of Effect damage around them. With every slash it picks a target from those in the direction you're facing, prioritizing targets that haven't been hit yet and are closer. If there is only one target, it'll repeatedly slash that target, making it great for damaging bosses. It's also great at taking out enemies clustered together, as each strike deals damage to enemies in a circle.

The skill has six stages, and each slash you perform increases the current stage of the skill. The skill does 20% more damage for each stage of the skill. When you release the skill, it performs additional slashes as the shadowy figures return to you. You can change which direction you're facing while channeling, but these additional slashes all take place in the direction you targeted last, with a slightly larger attack zone.

The skill is channeled, performing slashes 50% faster than your attack speed, making faster weapons best for hitting stage six quickly. Because of the returning slashes, releasing at six stages gives the optimum damage output, giving you a good opportunity to reposition yourself between assaults.

The skill works with daggers, claws, and one handed swords. It's the level 28 attack skill for Shadows from the "Sever the Right Hand" quest reward. Check out a video of Blade Flurry in action below!

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Edit: This actually looks really nice. Good job GGG.
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