Skill Gem Reveal: Blade Flurry

barrage should become a channel skill with the jewel being that every 3rd or 4th shot has 3 arrows and added projectiles add a more attack speed multiplier

also i hope the 3rd channel is a cold spell
Does it really need those flashy green explosions? I think its stupid and thematicaly unfitting to have your "blade" explode like a green poison fireball...
This one came directly nefert or you GGG team nefert after 1-2 month , i think player deserve to know this right away.You nefert incinerate very bad in past and now come with Scorching Ray Skill almost the same lol.Really i'm very happy about this.
Yeah ! finally a good melee skill.... oh wait, no sorry.... nevermind
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So now we'll probably get the next reveal next Monday so we're probably not going to get these until the 17th/18th at the earliest? These skill better not be trash tier otherwise there will be a lot of backlash...
Yeah, well... You know that's just like uh, a supposedly underwhelming skill, man.

I mean... Several stages and whatnot can be interesting with the appropriate gear, but the "range" on this thing... Like, where is the range on this thing to begin with?

Something that stacks up needs a solid base-range, because the moment you move, the stacks are gone. Just by way of guesstimating I fear this thing will be clunky to play.

You can see it in the first few seconds of the teaser: Clunky, because bad range. Why use something like that, when there's stuff like lacerate, reave, or... you know... good old spooky toss?

Well, whatever... I'll wait for tags and numbers to make sure, but so far this skill looks unecessary.
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nice, but confusing skill, the animation looks like a spell, but which will be its tags? melee, AoE and?
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because of the returning slashes, releasing at six stages gives the optimum damage output, giving you a good opportunity to reposition yourself between assaults.

What an awesome idea and differentiating point to the other channeling skills
attack, aoe, projectile

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wow ... sweet....gotta have 1.

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