Skill Gem Reveal: Blade Flurry

Assassin with Toxic Delivery ascendancy?

+ Hatred = Freeze/Chill + Maim!

Does one handed Swords which restricts use of second hand will work?

Also please note that there can be a bug which allows usage of 2 weapons (even if one of them can't be used with skill)!
Bex_GGG wrote:
With every slash it picks a target from those in the direction you're facing, prioritizing targets that haven't been hit yet and are closer. If there is only one target, it'll repeatedly slash that target, making it great for damaging bosses.

^ This is awesome. I love the consistency.

I think I'm more immediately interested in Scorching Ray because it's more flashy and feels more exotic for a skill in Path of Exile... maybe that's just the Blade Vortex meta talking, though? But I'll definitely be trying out this skill some time next year - it seems really cool.
so its an melee spell... interesting.
Skill looks interesting but honestly I am kind of dissapointed it's just another ranged aoe attack spell. :( You don't even swing with weapons. Only purpose for weapons is to be stat stick. :( Also there are very few skills these days which doesn't need to scale area of effect. :(

What this game desperately needs are new or improved melee skills which feels like melee skills! You know slashing or stabbing with weapons while moving through the horde of enemies. I didn't saw new attack animation since game was released. Don't you think it's already time to push your limits?
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make claws great... for once*
I dunno :/
When I watched video demonstration with low cast speed and saw those green-black shadow like projections at close, I though "Nice idea, with those projections skill looks cool". Then video showed this skill with high cast speed with usual camera position and all I saw - many green explosions U_U Really, somewhat disappointing.

Well having new skill gem is nice anyway, but I hope you, GGG, will take into consideration things we talk about in suggestion forum, like here, for example -> Dunno, I have a feeling that those human-like projections won't be seen at high speed and that part of your work, which I liked the most, will be simply unnoticed/wasted.

Though you can improve animation until this skill is released by changing its behavior slightly. You press and hold this skill and that human-like projection flies toward mobs as it does already, BUT it starts to "dance" there instead of continued release of those projections. By "dance" I mean projection doesn't disappear (as long as you hold button), but instead it darts from one mob to another. You release button - projection disappears. You start to hold it again - projection flies away and starts to "dance" again.
The skill itself looks quite cool. The animation though is pretty meh, but i suppose it's cause he is "channelling" it. Looks interesting though.
Is it attack or spell?

Some info about the gem will be nice :D

It looks like a spell, but the use of 1h weapons makes it an attack?

is it only AOE or also projectile?

plz GGG, give us more info, TY
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Miazga wrote:
But I do feel that they will also add a line that it can not be used with multistrike. Why you may ask? because they said it will have a build in 50% increase attack speed modifier build it.

ye just read over it again and slash indicates more melee than proj.
Even better with Ci lel. anoth 90+%more dmg

Yeah, it won't be usable with multistrike for sure because channeled skills cannot be repeated.

Also, it channels at a percentage of your attack speed so it isn't a spell in any way, it won't use cast speed or whatnot.
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