Skill Gem Reveal: Blade Flurry

It'll need to have a helluva damage output to balance its lack of mobility. We don't need a physical Incinerate, no matter how flashy it looks.
does this channeled skill use the main hand weapon or alternate if dual wielding? how does this work for dual wield? Hyaons with Scourge with this seems super fun.
*starts to drool*
Hyaon's, especially with raider (ALL the attack speed) could be fun with this...
Also Bino's! The Scourge! The Goddess Scorned (for leveling)/Unleashed! Finally one handed swords and claws get some love :D
Really excited about this one *_*
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Sweet! Like the coloration and design of the effects.
looks awesome, but please make it use the lacerate animation!
Wow, looks pretty sick. After all the skills PoE has, still being able to release new and creative skills is quite impressive :)
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I was so hyped of this skill's mechanics as I read the article, I really loved it as I imagined what this could do! It's creative and interesting, but when I saw the video I was very disappointed.

It looks horrible... I mean come on, those little explosions are ridicilous! :(

This should have been about some shadowy, transparent weapon models flying back and forth while the character is doing some weapon slashing animations. This is such a let down...

PoE wasn't great about visuals before, I know that, that's why I don't play skills like Lightning Tendrils, Magma Orb, Sunder, Molten Strike or Blast Rain ... but this skill really needs some updated visuals in my opinion. :/

... or at least a micortransaction to alter it's looks and hopefully for the better. I know these things brings the moniez.
Oh so this "new skill" is basically just a mix of two old skills: spectral throw and blade vortex gg for the originality
It's more like Sunder (With the Mini AoE's on Enemy Kill) and Lacerate (Auto Aiming "Projectiles")

I've already theory crafted 3 possible builds for this skill from Berserker,Gladiator,Assassin and Raider.
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This is how fireball should look like.

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