Skill Gem Reveal: Blade Flurry

AoE on quality 16*4% more dps at end of channeling is 60% MORE dps
FCK42 wrote:
*starts to drool*
Hyaon's, especially with raider (ALL the attack speed) could be fun with this...
Also Bino's! The Scourge! The Goddess Scorned (for leveling)/Unleashed! Finally one handed swords and claws get some love :D
Really excited about this one *_*

Nothing like 30% extra damage taken as an evade char to ruin a build ;)
Is this a spell? looks like it...

6 months later, and the mystery has been solved! At least GGG decided on the name pretty early.
Chiming in to say the cast animation (hah!) is horrible. Guys, you can only recycle content so many times before you have to create more.
"We're pilgrims in an unholy land."
Good old memories, when Incinerate was a thing. :D

For me it's an incinerate blade vortex but I'll definetly try it.
Will channel skills work with stuff like Ancestral Warchief?
(Sorry if asked before)
Although made for shadow, i could see it used on Ranger with piercing and damage on range mitigation!
Great one !

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