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Skill Gem Reveal: Blade Flurry

YAY! I would love to know how this scales with gear like flat phys or Phys% off nodes and what not? will Inc aoe make it attack Further and conc closer? guess we will find out thanks GGG this skill looks amazing!!
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To me it just looks like a ranged spell. I don't see anything in the animation that looks like the character is doing any kind of melee attack.

Do my eyes deceive me?
maybe skill for starforge, atk speed, aoe and tanky LOL
Would you mind telling us what the gem tags are?
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I was much more hoping that it would be the attack used by Chimera or Kraityn in maps. This doesn't even look remotely like you are using your weapon. Also, it being not PBAoE is a turn off aswell. Let's hope the base AoE isn't shit then.
LangFeng wrote:
maybe skill for starforge, atk speed, aoe and tanky LOL

Nope, won't work with 2h
Did not expect a melee channel skill, love it GGG!
Why does this look like Kamehame-ha blasts??? It doesn't look like blade at all.... not to mention flurry-ing...
Looks kinda Frost Blades-ish. +lots to attack range and exploding on hit instead of shitting out projectiles. I'm guessing Attack, AoE, Melee, with the usual BS that the initial hit isn't AoE, thus ruling out conc effect for bosses.
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