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Skill Gem Reveal: Blade Flurry

looks like gem is attack, AoE. Main thing i cant tell is if this is melee, projectile or neither
LOL, saw this skill already ages ago...

One of the map bosses based on Kraityn uses it.
I don't like it one bit. Will play it, but still disappointing. So i'm guessing it has no melee tag and is somewhat a type of spectral throw of sorts, requires melee weapon, but isnt melee. Here I thought Blade Flurry would be the swift slashes Chimera does :/.
lol considering it scales off weapons, an elite version of this is going to absolutely destroy bosses.
Looks really sexy! Hope mathil makes a meta build off this!
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Next league people be like " wtb 2 bino's 2 ex each " :|
How does it work with dual wield? Random? Alternate weapons? combined?
This actually looks awesome, great job
Looks like Lighting Tendrills,more in a (phys.damage version)
God I hope they allow builds that are currently melee to use this skill and scale well.

I want to move from Reave onto something different and this looks slower, but awesome.

The only melee skills I have any fun playing are Reave, Flicker and Lacerate. So expanding on that would be a new build waiting to happen!

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