Skill Gem Reveal: Blade Flurry

ranged BV awesome ! :D
Less of an attack looking attack skill than eq? I thought it wasn't possible, but what a surprise.
what a really strange skill, it's based on a weapon, but it acts and you cast it like a spell

again dislike skills that have "stages" but it seems interesting, not sure why it's weapon based
Incinerate, is that you?
So, is it an attack or a spell? FFS!
Another ranged melee skill, but looks cool :P
Does this technically qualify as "melee" damage? like the shadow is striking the enemy even if the player himself isn't. Does it alternate weapons?

edit: The only thing I dislike about it, is its weapon type limitations..... I would want to use axe with it...........
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The skill looks nice, interesting mechanic.

I would have preferred if it has a slanted shadowy blade slashing effect animation whenever the shadow hits, plus a small bright contact hit effect and the aoe effect it already has, maybe it would look more like its name sake, instead of looking like a blasting machine gun skill. But still, it looks cool.

Props to GGG for releasing new skills for us to enjoy.
Thank you, much appreciated.
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Please consider changing the animation to an attack, swing, or stab
The animation just makes it looks like casting a spell with a weapon,that's very confusing
seems very different than the old reddit showcase said--effectively showing it as the circular charge skill that the master of the sword and chimera have, that you charge up to stock hits and then release to use them all (like a flashier physical multihit flameblast centered on you).

edit: to clarify, that doesnt make this actual version bad, but being a conical incinerate instead seems...
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