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Essence has just blown me away. Keep up the great work, and please keep essences!
Well I don't have to do extensive research like some other company to say I am pretty sure you just made a better announcement than a certain other announcement. GG GGG. Keep up the amazing work.

The atlas boss immunity thing honestly needs to be reworked otherwise it limit builds in a game about customizing your own build. Just saying.
I used to play Diablo 3, then I realized it doesn't have a Shabby Jerkin.
Can't wait! :)
Blight? What did i miss?) What is it?) We need video!
Yay for finding out he name of channeled skill three: Blight
wohooo exited for next challenge league!
This is a company that cares with their game.
sooo excited for dx11!!! :D Hopefully this will fix my long time fps drop issues.
Please not the 5th Act. I don't want to run 15 boring acts just to get some respec points for quests... 12 are already killig me each time i start new character. Not fun.
What is Blight?

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