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Holy shit, next WEEK for the 64bit client? Even The Awakening didn't have me this hyped.
well i hope its dec 2 so i can play it for a day XD i wont be able to play for 3 months from dec 4th to march 11th lol release earlier rather than later please XD lol
Sexcalibure wrote:

eh, even if act 4 isn't really great, a new act is always welcomed for me
didn't play the warbands and tempests leagues can't comment

I liked Talisman, unfortunately I never got to Rigwald, wish it was implemented into the game

ascendancy classes are pretty sweet
lab only sucks for me because it doesn't behave like a regular area
perandus was nice

prophecy is meh, you have to pay to get rid of sidequests you don't want which I dislike

atlas is meh, wished maps didn't drop and would be accessible like regular areas
haven't tried essence because I don't feel like starting fresh yet

I like free candy
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Pretty excited for that 64bit client and hope blight is viable as I'm not really a fan of essence drain.
So great!
SuperTaster wrote:
TwoEyedYoom wrote:
Please not the 5th Act. I don't want to run 15 boring acts just to get some respec points for quests... 12 are already killig me each time i start new character. Not fun.

They already announced it's going down to 2 difficulties. So 10 acts instead of 12. Be pleased.

Thank you good sir. Seems i wasn't there when this announcement was made. Good news for me!
thank you GGG
So far there is more hate in this thread than I have ever seen from a GGG announcement, very strange. Looking forward to the new update, can't wait for the secrets to get announced. Please release as late in December as possible, I don't need any distractions during my finals!
64 bit client, GG GGG
Can't wait to try out these new skills.

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