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Awesome stuff! I think I'll play a Necromancer this time... :)
imagine of new league introduced a new currency, lets call it GOLD
and you could buy super rare items with it a casual could never touch without farming
wouldnt that be epic xDDDDDDDDDDd
I love you ggg and friends!!!!
IGN Kaesyn

Does this mean my basically new computer will stop feeling like a potato? I brought my computer forward from 2010 hardware to 2016 hardware and noticed remarkably little difference, modulo the SSD.

Gene Quagmire/Kwagmyr - Parts Unknown
I like your good work. I didnt play much this league.

My friends have there problems with the language so we startet Diablo 2 again.

But there is the ladder reset soon.

So again the question. Will there a be german client ... soon?


Have fun
Very excite, yes.
gonna try the blade vortex gun
Sounds awesome. Keep up the good work.
Can't wait for the next expansion! :)
Hopefully, GGG releases something big to get me and others back playing POE..
Phase 1: Make D3

Phase 2: ?

Phase 3: Profit

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