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I have some performance issues in maps like Crypt, so i will be sure to test this
"opt-in" DirectX 11 thing out and report back!
But... Where is my ancestral blademaster???? I EVEN TOOK THAT NAME DAMMIT!
[Removed by Support]

[Removed by Support]
They are giving us DX11 and 64 bit client, with some other improvements, and you are here to ruin the party with your constant, absolutely arbitrary opinion that everything is shit.

So, let me address your opinions:
Act is fine.
Tempest was a good league, Warbands was ok, but Warbands themselves were a little too strong and boring in terms of their mechanics. Other than that, a good league.
Talisman was pretty boring to me, but many people I asked found it interesting. (By the way, try this once - you know, if you don't like something it doesn't necessarily mean it is bad. Tastes, it is called)
Labyrinth is fine. You're just bad.
And Perandus was... a casual league? Ok. So what the fuck do you expect? Tell me exactly what you want. Because it seems there is no making you happy at this point.
[Something something] Prophecy is bad. Amarite?
Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.
Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
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So is next mid week for 2.4.2 release and 64 bit computers direct 11 x?
Enjoy Legacy!!!!
Very nice :)
Thank you all for the hard work!
Barivius wrote:
Sexcalibure wrote:
Instead of releasing halfassed expansions (beside Atlas), can you guys focus on making previous content worthwhile?

You don't actually play these leagues. You read about other people playing them and form an opinion. The game you play is trolling message boards.

At least 1000 people every league level further in 24 hours than you do over 3 or 4 months. Your opinion is uninformed and your criticism childish. You just hurl insults while barely having a grasp on the actual problems the game may have. Just the fact someone like you dislikes the recent direction of the game actually gives people like me great confidence GGG is making the right moves.

Somebody finally said it.

Felipe_GGG wrote:
[...] this will also mark the official release of our new DirectX 11/64 bit Path of Exile game client.
>> Will it be available through Steam?
That is not an avatar, that's how I really looked when I wrote this post!
aSfSteve wrote:
So far there is more hate in this thread than I have ever seen from a GGG announcement, very strange. Looking forward to the new update, can't wait for the secrets to get announced. Please release as late in December as possible, I don't need any distractions during my finals!

It's literally one guy being salty as fuck while everyone else is fairly hyped :)
GGG banning all political discussion shortly after getting acquired by China is a weird coincidence.
So, how does one "opt in" for the DX11 client? I for one would love to give it a try.
So no PoE for me this weekend. Fine
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