Improvements to Master Missions

Nice... though it would be nice to have Leo addressed, too.
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Summoner wrote:
HTBak wrote:
maybe after lvl 8 they will no longer appear on maps? only Zana

Please don't. Tora and Elreon are free packs. Voricci is a free pack and exile.

lol dude are u serious? free pack of mobs?

Zana mission inside a map it's a FREE MAP! Isn't better than few mobs? LOL

only zana on maps after all masters are 8 would be absolutely amazing. Dual map whenever she appears. This also would encourage players like me that honestly don't care too much about lvling other masters like vorici/tora/haku to lvl 8 to rush them lvl 8 asap ;)
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Fruz wrote:
Hell NO!
Why, why removing interesting mechanics because people are too lazy to do anything else than fully zerging everything ? -_____-"

Interesting? Can you point me to where and when master mission have been any interesting at all?

Fruz wrote:
The Vorici missions were FINE.

I can't believe that people actually feel that way. Leave all the guards alive was stupid to begin with, it should never have made it into the game at all. Not to mention you still have that chest-opening mission where you have your "interesting" mechanics.

Fruz wrote:
Masters teleporting to the end of the mission is also very unnecessary, if they new where the monster were from the start why would they not do it themselves ? ....
Fuck consistency after all, right ?

They don't do it themselves because they run life-based builds. So they wait for the CI-builds to clear the stuff for them before going anywhere near the danger-zone. Consistant as fuck right there, I'd say.

Not to mention that running back to a master in an otherwise empty map sucks, because it is a waste of time.

Fruz wrote:
It's not about improving master's missions here, it's about making he game more assisted because lazy players bitched about it.

QoL has little to do with "assistance". It saves time and has no actual impact on the gameplay, other than not forcing people to backtrack, which is good and long overdue. Ever had a Tora mission in a high gardens map, where she spawned near the boss and you had to move across the entire map 3 times just to do the mission and get credit for it? See what they did there? They had a good idea.
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I did not think that someone would ask to point out such an obvious thing, I almost explained in in the previous message :

You know what isn't interesting ?
Always brainlessly zerging everything ( Hello BV ), and keeping the guards alive, was something that needed to adapt / plan ( they could have just buffed the guard life like for the other types of missions for example ).
THAT is interesting.

Sure_K4y wrote:

They don't do it themselves because they run life-based builds. So they wait for the CI-builds to clear the stuff for them before going anywhere near the danger-zone

Ok that's a good one.

Sure_K4y wrote:

QoL has little to do with "assistance".

But it has, QoL is at the end assistance, it's as simple as that.
If you listen to all the "QoL" features requested by the playerbase and implement them, you would end up with a much less interesting game where everything will be done in a single click ....
I bet some already asked as a "QoL" feature that after completing each objective you would automatically gain everything without needing to talk to the NPC for example, I bet some asked to have arrows written on the floor to show every single thing in the game not to need to look for anything, I bet some asked for getting a 5L for each character after completing normal difficulty or stuff like that ... all because it would be "QoL".
Well, fuck that, honestly.

Some areas of the game would need some QoL improvment, but overall it's fine, masters are fine.

Buuhuuhuuuu I just lost one minute to cross high gardens to kill some free monsters, first world problems seriously ....
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The longest of the Elreon missions is now shorter, with fewer waves of enemies.

B-but he's my favourite experience faucet!

All in all, welcome changes seriously speaking
yay! Finally a good news! Like literally the first time in month I read something here I like. Well done this time!
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THANK you, on those cancer Vorici Missions!

And sweet, I'll FINALLY get non-Zana Masters to level 8!

But WHY not make Zana 8 easier? <_<
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Does anyone realize that if they have put lots of time and effort in to getting better at not screwing up Veroci missions that now your skill with him will not give you a edge anymore? I do agree with getting rid of the mission of not killing ANY guards though that is bs. But now the Advantage that you had will be gone.

I like being rewarded for having skill that take time and effort.
Very very nice!

Could I ask you guys at GGG to look into zana missions as well though?... it would be cool if zana missions when done solo give more experience. Something more in line to be able to solo zana to 8 before a 3-month-league is over, and to put the solo zana exp more in line with the ones who do daily zana rotations.

As it is now, to solo zana to 8 we need almost the full 3 months when we do a solo mission every day(and occassionally a random zana). It would be better if getting zana to 8 when soloing required only about 2 months, to make it fit better with 3-month-leagues.

Thank you sweet baby jesus

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