Improvements to Master Missions

Masters are getting old, something new is needed.

/me likey
"Ta-Ta, not-a-cockroach"
Grinding masters in every league is way too much in addition to grinding Zana in addition to grinding atlas in addition to getting all the damn lab trials... This is now an improvement, but I would just like to see these things all just enhanced in the future - shortcuts for grinding masters/lab/atlas that are high risk/high reward or something similar (make a super ridiculously hard Eleron mission that gives x100 reputation but is insanely difficult and only one person can attempt it and only attempt it once a day or something?)
My Keystone Ideas:
wow, this is a very welcome change to make master missions more appealing.

Thank you for these changes.
YES I support the game, NO I dont agree with many GGG decisions
Atlas of Worlds is the worst thing that happen to POE.
Lab still sucks balls.
I think a good solution for masters being tedious to level every new league would be to move over all the xp from standard/hardcore to the current league after maybe 2 weeks. Then the people that make sure to get their masters up quickly to craft to others for profit could still do so, but slackers like me could pay them in the beginning and then after 2-3 weeks be able to craft. Actually 3 weeks is good I think. At that stage a lot of people have high level masters so it wouldn't hurt those looking to profit from leveling them early much.

I would still level masters knowing I would get them boosted after 3 weeks, but it would be nice to not have to do daily rotations and such as much.
I'm desagree with some comments .. it's an harsh pain in my .... to lvup a master to 8
I'm doing it alone (no rotation) and that's taking too much time (at this time I didn't have any master lv8 ...)

but if there're improvements meaning also having masters will be a must have in the near futur

thus I'm just asking : Put more often the masters on the Acts / Maps

Thank you
dsmith999xx wrote:
Masters are getting old, something new is needed.


We get new content all the time?
R.I.P Diablo3
Very nice! Well done.
Stay awhile... and listen.
hmm... I like the removal of backtracking, nice idea with those porting skills,...

however... rest of the masters related stuff is nothing I can applaud to.
Simply making the missions LAME so that all those QQ LAZY players that cannot handle their damage focus and/or minions fail the missions can be happy now... uhm... not a thing that players that can use brain during playing really needed.

I would rather welcome a FIX for Leo master, since as it is now, it is only focused for either PvP-only players or High Level players...
Trying to level up Leo master somewhere in between is ABSURD HORRIBLE GAME EXPERIENCE.
Getting a daily mission in PvP queue is 99% of time uther failure, as one gets queued against 20-40+ levels higher players.

PvP in poe is viable only for PvP-only chars and high level chars.
Rest sucks hard.
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