Improvements to Master Missions

anubite wrote:
Grinding masters in every league is way too much in addition to grinding Zana in addition to grinding atlas in addition to getting all the damn lab trials... This is now an improvement, but I would just like to see these things all just enhanced in the future - shortcuts for grinding masters/lab/atlas that are high risk/high reward or something similar (make a super ridiculously hard Eleron mission that gives x100 reputation but is insanely difficult and only one person can attempt it and only attempt it once a day or something?)

good point... too much GRINDING in PoE overall nowadays. For casual players it is nearly impossible to enjoy the end-game content. Often it is absurdly hard, or requires ultra gear / top build / countless hours of gaming...

For me, doing the Lab during leveling is merely a timewaste, it take damn too long to get to the final boss, and there is a high chance dying so I can crawl back to him again for next couple of hours just to maybe die again.
On one side, I love Labyrinth, exactly for the easy way of dying when one is not patient or doesn"t pay attention enough. but the above mentioned timewaste is really something I can't thumb up.
I would welcome if we had some chance of re-trying the Izaro fight in case we die on the final battle prior to be kicked out from lab. Being resurrected in the last stash area, there could be some mechanic for how many attempts one gets for final battle according on the progress he made across the lab run.
Ie. if he had cleared the whole lab, or found all keys, treasures, etc.
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Ducking awesome!
This is what I call live improvements, but don't go to far, since we don't wanna get rid of every difficulty we could possibly enocunter.

We don't wanna end up as D3, don't we?
Wow Master missions was better i love this Game GGG
Thanks <3
finally, faster access to level 8 masters crafting.
Do masters missions get harder? Most of mine are at lvl 6 (Catarina 7) and my biggest gripe is that they're too easy. I would love if there were Masters missions on a lab level, even if offered as an alternative.
thx will be a great add
Master Levelling in 2.5.0:

In addition, we're investigating making non-Zana masters easier to level up to level 8 in December's 2.5.0 update (alongside the new league).

No no keep it that way and make a lv 9. (lv 9 would be used on normal leagues only but we could upgrade our stuff higher tier and/or remove a non-crafted mod as we like on our items. There are just mini helpers right now, we cant really say we can craft items with them... I would like to drop a perfect weapon with 20% physical, remove it, and change it for a 75-100-125%)
More than welcomed changes :)
Some polising like that should be done more often this game need it at some points more than giant announcements of ultra epic leagues and expansions !
Better to fix a bit old content than doing half of the job and moving forward on an unstable basis.

There is still a big backtracking issue anyway. The most important:

Hf :)
that are some great news!

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