Improvements to Master Missions

FanatickDk wrote:
dsmith999xx wrote:
Masters are getting old, something new is needed.


We get new content all the time?

Just getting tired of all the master grinding with each new season. Seems more like a way to extend the game and stop you from doing so many maps. Zana 7-8 is just too long unless you commit much time to it. No back-tracking is at least a step in the correct direction. Master at beginning of a linear map and cave/exile at the end then you have to run back. If you get in party with folks seeking 100 open one box and you never see them again.

Step in the right direction and I play so not complaining about new content, what is the % of folks with level 8 masters this time?
yah it was gettin REALLY old to level these guys to 8 every league.
I can see not having them start at 8 but to an extent, i didnt even bother anymore this league for the first time. Only got elreon and zana to 8 and took ages for zana because i couldnt be bothered to share quests anymore. Dailies took ages each night and its just not worth it anymore.

glad you are considering lowering how long it takes to level them to 8

id say you could cut it in half and it would be reasonable. Its no longer a major achievement for most people running seasons and those who dont will never level them again.
Fantastic. Thank you for reacting to feedback on this, GGG.
For the challenge leagues GGG should look at the number of days left in the league verses the level that master is currently at and adjust the amount to level up based on that. So for the elite racers that can play 10+ hours every day they shouldn't get a break. On the other hand the non-elite time limited players which, for example, are into the last month of the temp league and that master isn't at level 8 they should get a break and the amount of reputation needed to level up should decrease.

As for the permanent leagues. The level cap needs to be raised such so that by the time we get well into the 80s levels we're running higher tier masters missions. There is nothing so boring as running level 75, 76, or 77 maps with a very high level build. Also, because the missions are capped at 77 the xp we get from running them daily is so paltry that we only do Zana mission and skip the rest. This is stupid and we should be able to get higher level missions from the masters that generate xp to incentivize us to want do all the dailies.

All level 8 masters missions are same as Merc Malachai, there is no incentive xp or loot wise to do them thus they are all skipped (except Zana). All masters missions should provide more xp and permanent leagues need a higher level cap.
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Beautiful changes. Even though I never reported this personally, I've also felt that not killing any of Vorici's target's guards can be unrealistically tough for an AoE attacker char. And yeah, that longest Elreon mission would often end in failure just because there are so many monsters that they can easily wear down the relic.

So yeah, beautiful changes across the board.
Less grind and less headaches? A long-awaited update that was needed for sure.
Situation: doing master missions in a party and:

- party splits up to find non-den Tora mobs
- party splits up to find Catarina revive targets on a kill 9 mission
- only one member is suited to complete Vorici objective, rest stay clear

In these situations, the master(and the exit!) will move to a location relevant only to some of the party, causing the rest to have to hunt it down to get the reward and return to the hideout.
Nice Changes. For Vorici "keep his guards alive" missions, keep those missions, but offer triple points if you complete them.
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This update is awesome! tyvm

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