Improvements to Master Missions

best thing i read today :D
What about Leo? He's really boring to level and I can hardly do it since PVP is dead. Please consider shifting his mods to other masters and giving him specific mods for PVP.
Great improvements.

However I'd consider asking for one more: Dying in a Zana mission will drop you back at the point of your last entrance/exit or placed portal of the map you found her in.

The amount of times I've had to run from one end of the map to the other because of her porting you back to the beginning of the map when I put up a portal right next to her... (yes, ha ha, don't die I know but it is different from every other master's behavior).
Will I finally be able to get a level 7 leo hideout next league :O

EDIT: WAIT A SECOND... What happens with Leo? :( No love for Leo?
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YES!!!! Huge QoL improvement, thanks for listening to your community once again.
nadnerb wrote:
About damn time

No kidding
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One more enhancement please:

In Tora missions where there is no den of monsters, Tora will Blink Arrow to packs of target monsters when anyone approaches where the pack will spawn, if the mission has not been started.
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That's really cool, I really hoped this would eventually happen, although I really liked the 'kill exile only' Vorici mission! Also, I don't see that awful 'feed 50 monsters to a spider with strange AI after you fully-cleared your map' Catarina mission removal :(
Aaand sad we don't get any Zana improvements. Getting level 8 without rotations takes way too long and rewards for it are pretty 'meh'.
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