Improvements to Master Missions

What about Leo?
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Huge QoL improvements! I also love the themed teleportation skills used for the masters. Convocation came out of left field for me, great stuff whoever thought of this method!
Nice changes. However, since when does Convocation teleport the caster?
Woot leveling masters will finally be something i might want to do. Especially vorici and catarina missions that i absolutely dreaded doing.

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Great job, GGG! Finally we have real QoL
Awesome, can't wait to see Vorci smoke mine to me. :)
If I could, I would kiss you GGG.

Vorici might actually get above level 4 on a regular league playthrough!


No running back to Tora to let her know those critters she's been tracking but can't be assed to cull herself have been culled like she damn well knows they have!

Lahdamytee, if they updated mastercrafting enchantments sometime soon to boot, I might actually PLAY the next crappy league they kick out. So ready for a "Forsaken Masters: RE" expansion...

nevertheless, much appreciation where it's due. This sounds like it'll make the Master mission slogging enormously easier, ESPECIALLY for that giant jackhole Vorici...
Any changes to Leo leveling ? :O
THANK YOU! I always hated leveling those guys, and never got one above lvl 6.

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