Improvements to Master Missions

I don't really care about Leo, but I -am- concerned that there's nothing changing with Haku, he's the most annoying of the masters overall. The changes to Vorici are freakin' awesome though! Once they go through the only heinous master to level is going to be Haku.

In standard with no rotations other than doing regular dailies I was able to level them all to 8, Zana was -slow- but otherwise the two that took the most time for me were Haku and Vorici. I don't PVP, so I have no idea what Leo's stuff is like but from so many posts in this thread about him it sounds like some attention to his stuff would be welcome for those who *do* PVP.

In any case, thank you for the upcoming changes! They are definitely going to improve the game experience. =)
Neat how they all teleport to you with thematically too. :)
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i don't know how often i ran into the portal after finishing the missions.

also, the procedure of placing a portal at the master, then run to the den, relog and then get master xp was pretty risky for some. if they got a different server, the portal was gone.
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finally! i can complete vorici missions.
finally the ugly vorici missions are gone. thx !
Why not just let people keep their hideouts and master levels between the leagues. Then they'd bother with decorating the hideouts, too.
Vorici :(
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Big thx GGG for this great game :)
This game get better and better every time a patch or update is applied Simply Awesome..
I think I will buy a pack to support you awesome designers.. LOVE IT ;)
Only the promise of levelling master up level 8 easier is 'exciting' for me. The rest of the improvements won't make much difference to me personally.
Fishing is coming?
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