Last week we released the season six finale of Build of the Week. However, we're not quite done with the series just yet! It's been a complete joy bringing the series back and the team has had a lot of fun doing so. In fact, we've had so much fun behind the scenes that it seems a little unfair to keep it from you. So, here we have it! Build of the Week Bloopers!

A lot of the community has commented on the quality of the filming and editing from this past season. I just wanted to acknowledge and say a huge thank you to Eben for all his hard work on filming and editing the Build of the Week series (and for providing some excellent visual blunders for the blooper reel)!
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bex is soo funny
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nice Bex
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Misread as Build of the Week Boopers.

Disappoint. :(
Makes me feel slightly better about my own verbal missteps.
Nice Bex, keep them coming
I love the giggle after citing the ascendancy nodes.
made my day
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