Build of the Week Bloopers

haHAA so funny haHAA btw im a girl ;)
hehe that is cute Bex ^^ keep up the good work
stop drink bex pls)
Fart'n deadly?

Oh come on, now you _have_ to make a Poison Cloud skill ;)

CwDT + Poison Cloud : "damn you, see what you made me do :p"

Imagine channelling Poison Cloud too xD

Edit: and a unique that makes you reverse cast direction ;)
Mastermind fight bugged out at last quadrant. Fixed yet?
Last edited by SpectralDrake on Nov 10, 2016, 3:52:52 AM
If every BotW was like this I would actually watch them
Leap Slank confirmed !
LOL 4 hp based builds, 4 of them died like a trash vs guardians.. ok 'how hard guardians can be' you got your answer grill :D
I really thought the build of the week was called "bloopers" and was some kind of never seen use of skills :D
IGN: Megawipe
refreshingly cute. ;)
hahaha, we all love you bex, at least your voice :)

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