Content Update 2.4.2 is scheduled for next week and so far we've revealed two of the upcoming channelled skills: Blade Flurry and Scorching Ray. Today we're revealing the third and final new channelled skill, Blight!

Blight is a channelled Damage over Time spell that lets the most chaotic of spellcasters play with Chaos spells right from the first skill gem choice. When the caster channels, a cone of chaotic force is unleashed in front of them, frequently adding layers of a chaos damage over time effect to enemies. If enemies are afflicted by Blight when they don't have an existing Blight damage over time effect on them, they're also struck by a powerful hinder, reducing their movement speed by 80% for a short time, helping protect the caster from harm.

The faster your cast speed, the greater the rate of these layers applying. Enemies can have a total of 20 Blight layers on them. A player can use increases to skill duration and cast speed to place many layers of Blight on a foe at once, as well as bonuses to chaos, damage over time and spell damage to maximise the power of the skill. The player can also increase the cone range with existing bonuses to area radius. Each Blight layer has its own duration, so the skill provides maximum damage when cast continually.

The skill is available from the Enemy at the Gate quest right at the start of the game. Alongside Contagion, it fills out an early complement of skills for a chaotic character experience. At higher levels it can be used to provide an extra source of damage for an Essence Drain and Contagion character once they've used their one-off damage over time effects, or as a stand-alone skill alongside a Wither totem for an area focused, high cast speed Occultist or Trickster.

Check out this video of the skill in action!

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Grinding Gear Games
That animation looks extremely... flat. Would it be possible to maybe vary the height of the waves, adjust the pitch of some of them or... well, something? It looks kind of weird in the video tbh.
Last edited by Sarno on Nov 10, 2016, 10:16:04 PM
seems cool
pvp loooooooool
100% I'm sure it's going to be nerfed
Cant wait!
nice beans~

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