Skill Gem Reveal: Blight

Next skill bow gem
oh yea i am excited
Enjoy Legacy!!!!
Art needs a few more iterations in the very least.
Idea itself isn't very exciting.

When I kill a man he stays dead.
I like the idea of a flat chaos damage spell, but I think most agree that these new skills are pretty lack-luster. We'll have to see how it plays fully linked and whatnot but it's unfortunate these weren't much more badass skills to impress all those coming from Diablo 3.
Onix095 wrote:
Very nice reflect immune leveling skill for basically any caster. Scales well with links (Less Duration, Rapid Decay, Spell Echo for a 4L) and synergizes with other chaos skills already in the game.

my thoughts exactly. hope this skill makes leveling less tedious. I fear, however, it will be as weak as contagion so you cannot abuse it in race events.
R.I.P Incinerate
pannendienst wrote:
R.I.P Incinerate

R.I.P Molten Strike too(and some of the projectile spells). Im not sure if it's corrected but MS doesn't shotgun anymore since projectiles hit ground at same time. Shotgun nerf was needed but it effected on other skills and made them useless.

Great projectile rework when? Or are those skills as doomed as Glacial hammer and get path of "+6% damage per patch" mode.
cool spell.
Looking forward to this
Well, that was really...plain :/
Animation is very simple. As much as I like chaos skills, this skill looks very boring U_U
Sarno wrote:
That animation looks extremely... flat. Would it be possible to maybe vary the height of the waves, adjust the pitch of some of them or... well, something? It looks kind of weird in the video tbh.

"Let those with infinite free time pave the road with their corpses." - reboticon
Welp, I just found my new build for next league. Thank god for new chaos spell, I hate leveling with essence drain, lol.

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