Skill Gem Reveal: Blight

I feel a decent totem build will come with this Skill gem, looks cool, cant wait to try it!
Hmm.. I don't like to be negative, but this is disappointing :( skills always seem to be the weakest part of PoE.
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seems broken strong. i can see at least 4 different versions of this build.
Scorching Ray and Blade Flurry barely made it into my radar, they're "okay" as far as skills go, but I'm trully disappointed in this one.
Well hopefully it can get more area than what is shown in the video. Does hinder work on bosses? Temp chains + this skill probably keeps mobs from moving
Like the mechanics. Hate the visual.
Who -the hack- wants to play channeling-skills???
Shaper viable? guardians viable?

I strongly doubt it!

Have a short look at the "Cospri's Discharger"-Chars right now!
1.) high clearspeed
2.) good movability
3.) good boss-kill
4.) pretty save against reflect

And you, GGG, presenting the comunity a channeling_skill?
After nerfing incinnerate to the ground?
GGG, do U really have a clue whats going on in your own game?

P.S.: Imagine if U cast that shit_skill (standing still) and
the shaper jumps on you or he casts his beam!
P.P.S.: Maybe (MAYBE!!!!) this skill could work with high ES,
high DPS, and VaalPact.
And that's it right now => all the shaper-viable-Chars work
just this way!
=> good job, GGG, creating build_variaty especially if U want
to manage Atlas variaty. {core-game}

That's why I give all these 'shitty' "build_of_the_week" videos
a thumbs_down. => 5% of these are endgame_viable; the rest is
praising GGG gruanting build-variatiy, nothing else. => a simple

My InGameName: the_real_Oak
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The animation could use a little more work tbh. little more chaotic. Something like a rolling cloud formation. That would represent blight better imo.
honestly i can't imagine using channeling skills in this game. not anymore.

im basically using all projectile builds now-a-days. spectral throw or bow builds, just to stay mobile and out of harms way as much as possible. channel skills...especially a short ranged version like this (unless you HEAVILY stack the AoE, which would be a lot invested) seems like suicide.
sure you could build a full out tank and use this skill, but i doubt the base damage is high enough.

also, does this skill "hit"? or just place a degen on something. because of it hits, then i'll probably try using it with either a pathfinder or with cospri's will in order to get free poison effect from it.
Ok, I am so making a build around this skill. It's sick.

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