Skill Gem Reveal: Blight

My next build :D
chaos spell totems confirmed? o.0
Looks like lightning tendrils for chaos damage :( but I will try to do totem build with this :D
Deals (0.7 1lvl to 53.5 20lvl) Base Chaos Damage per second . kappa
max 20 stack like BV ^^
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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I like this one.
New leveling meta confirmed. I like that 80% speed hinder effect.
everybodies saying, nice ! cool ! wtf.. this is clasic skill and not enough good for this game.. please be more creative GGG, skills can be better..
to be quite honest, the aoe looks pathetic and the spread is a "what if lightning tendrils was a channel skill but chaos instead"?.
Im afraid because I see it first in templar and its beyond bad (to a point that makes the hinder thing pretty much worthless), it seems worse than flame surge (you know, that skill that pretty much nobody plays due to terrible aoe?). and later in other chars it seems so-so, and I suppose it already has a lot of AoE then.
Unless its not with aoe gem and it gains aoe with lvls then I dont see this ever being played over essence drain unless the damage is really fucking sick

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
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Did the ED+Wither+Contagion combo really need more power? :/
Perception is reality.
soo, lightning tendrils with a different graphic effect? ...
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