Skill Gem Reveal: Blight

Not gonna lie, with all of those delays, expected a little more than chaos lightning tendrils.
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Very nice reflect immune leveling skill for basically any caster. Scales well with links (Less Duration, Rapid Decay, Spell Echo for a 4L) and synergizes with other chaos skills already in the game.
This skill looks a lot smoother to play with, compared to lightning tendrils and incinerate.
Do the old channeling skills get an update too, with the new channeling mechanic or do they stay the same?
Nice! In anticipation of this skill experience.
Inb4 Mathil's Dual curse Consuming Dark Blight Build..( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"Melee is an illusion exile."
Chaos tendrils? I'm on board!
bring it on!
WOW Looks like its time to troll pvp, Temp chains level 21 with this + 2 Singularity Platinum sceptre, easy end game content time boys and girls. 60-80% increased damage against enemies that are hindered, UWOTM8
So I guess we're just gonna forget about Lightning Tendrils huh?

Interesting though. :)
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I think the chaos skills require too much finger acrobatics for my playstyle. I like totems and traps and buffs and debuffs as much as the next player, but the heralds, auras, and triggers are my favorite, especially w/ lag. The order of operations for me with essence drain/contagion/wither and now blight is not really for me. But I guess because chaos dmg is not reflected and bypasses energy shield, there has to be SOME reason to prevent its being the "only" way to play. But yeah, I'm still excited. Perhaps it's time for me to give chaos another shot.

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