Skill Gem Reveal: Blight

gmp incinerate with inferno mantle in a single spell gem.. cool
looks cool!

but not sure if the AoE is good as should be.
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skill that require to be in melee range and its DoT so you cant leech? This sucks.

Also the hinder effect reduces mov speed only so if enemy is already in range so it can hit you, it will hit with full speed. This is a buff.
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Those new skill means there will be a new season right?
The VFX looks really bad. Kind of like if someone used Microsoft Paint and then pasted a blob into the game world and said "here is a new skill". Use some smoothing on the edge lines or something?

Otherwise, looks like a fun skill.
looks like it has chance for enemy killed to explode... is it somehow replacement of abysal cry?

can we have unique animations for chanelling skills? it looks boring and NOT unique
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That range looks atrocious..
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Needs a lot of aoe stack to make it work, other than that, pretty much incinirate without reflect and lmp.
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Waitubold wrote:
I'm thinking it's time to roll a Shadow to start the next league...

There are other Classes?
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