Skill Gem Reveal: Blight

Not gonna lie... of all these new channeling skills, only the Scorching Ray looks good...

All those delays for... this???
Marinelord wrote:
Those new skill means there will be a new season right?

Yes, the new challenge league should start in early December.

These new skills should be available to test out with the next patch which should come before the current challenge league is over.
This might look like it has potential for a Totem Build though if it can be supported by totems as well.
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looks about as useful as lightning tendrils rip
wondering if totem can cast these channeling skills...O_o
this is my favorite of the new skills revealed looks great and chaos hype!
hype !
Sarno wrote:
That animation looks extremely... flat. Would it be possible to maybe vary the height of the waves, adjust the pitch of some of them or... well, something? It looks kind of weird in the video tbh.

I totally agree.

Nice to have one more skill option though
If it works with Totems though this means we can have Lightning Tendril Totems again.
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looks boring

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