Content Update 2.4.2 Highlights

Trade improvements? No... ok.
Thanks Gary_GGG, dont know how I missed that one! Been bugging me for so long :P
Last edited by daFalk on Nov 14, 2016, 7:18:50 AM
daFalk wrote:
Improved chat interface does that include timestamp on messages? Please oh please let it include timestamps!!!

This is already an option in the UI page of the Options Page, under Show Guild Chat and above Show Mini Life Bars on Allies.
Please contact if you need any assistance.
GG GGG always happy to see improvements! Keep it up!
No life buffs? =x

Anyway how can some PoE player even get a wife nowdays.
Buff life on the right side of the tree! Just a little! Pretty Please!
Gosen wrote:
Trade improvements? No... ok.

Yes, very much needed! Hope we'll see it next update?
more 3d art. fk yes <3
CoC buff from 0.5 to 0.25?`no? .... ok
Ohhh yes, this chat tabs are just awesome! waited for a long time for it! Thank you GGG !
Chat tabs = need

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