Content Update 2.4.2 Highlights

This is great, all the "smaller" QoL improvements are often things I'm looking forward to the most.
69 xD
Anyone knows when will the maintenance be done?
Oh, I thought we will get to test the 64-bit client.....
MadLaneX wrote:
hype!!! nice chat btw next time i hope we can change colors, Guild grey color is very hard to read

Guild chat is so hard to see, yet Local chat is a vivid green that stands out... I feel like these should be the other way around.

silumit wrote:
Some item hovers will now have explanation text when you press alt
I very much hope it will show base item level/stat requirements (just item reqs, without taking slotted gems into consideration). Please confirm :)

Sometimes I want to see what the level requirement on an item is, and taking all the Gems out to do that is a pain so I normally end up hitting desktop and Googling - which kinda seems like a long way round though when I've already pressed "Alt" to see more info on the item...

Proximi wrote:
I'm super happy for the chat improvement but won't this change nerf trades as the buying player doesn't know whether the seller got his msg

maybe add reply, player has whispers disabled

My first thought also... I spend a lot of time staring at the screen wondering if someone has seen my message, and waiting for some kind of response to let me know what is going on.

I also don't know if a player even see's my message when they have DND enabled.

+1 to those that reply in some way, even if it is just "2secs" or "busy" or "after map". Thank you.

AsbelFar wrote:
Since we talk about QoL improvements...

Please, add a "filter" field to the passive tree.

Doesn't make sense we have this filter in ingame Atlas, and in website passive tree, but not in ingame passive tree.

I've spent so much time looking at that skill tree trying to find a skill that I've read about somewhere else. Sometimes even the Wiki doesn't give you any clue as to where it is.

Marxone wrote:
Regarding updates for quality of life, I would like to get icon in the corner for the active Blasphemy effects. I tend to get lost with tri or quad curse.

The only way of knowing if my Blasphemy is active is to cast it and see if things went up, or if things went down. Not seeing it in the top corner with everything else that is active / reducing Mana reserve is odd.

On a semi-relevant note, an option to move the mobs health bar down so that it doesn't cover all the buffs / de-buffs would be great.
Whilst targeting the mob, a large selection of this information is covered over.

Do you improve graphics of the Toucan too?
Will the new fog have a new FPS drop? I am somewhat scared of this change...
jeż wrote:
why some say rip kaoms path? nothing about this area in post.

Chris said elsewhere that Kaom's area is being shortened in this update. Also, if you look at the picture of the new chat box, the user's name is "RIPKaomsPath" ;)
really nice changes tbh , i like it very much , it are the little things that make a big difference , i dont care how maney new patches , it could be to just add a new frog , just do it , it gives a feel of steady content and neat little things to have , its not a new league but i love this patch just because of the 3D art and the environment changes

keep going like that GGG :)
Skill tree will be reseted?

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