Content Update 2.4.2 Highlights

just waiting for the day where they start optimizing the game
I thought you guys said the DirectX 11 jump wouldn't improve graphics by much. I'd say it does! -alot, judging from the Cloak of Flame-screeny atleast. Any new skill confirmation for next league? :)
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Reuel21 wrote:
guggelhupf wrote:
AsbelFar wrote:
Since we talk about QoL improvements...

Please, add a "filter" field to the passive tree.

Doesn't make sense we have this filter in ingame Atlas, and in website passive tree, but not in ingame passive tree.



I would love this. I started asking for this in October of 2012 though, so I hope nobody's holding their breath waiting....
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Now... let us take a little break to bow our heads and think quietly at all the remaining D3 players and the complete lack of new content and ideas they have to suffer from for so long... ok done. glad I switched to PoE some seasons ago. Best game there is atm for me, gg ggg. :)
some really nice changes!... and that cloak of flames looks kinda neat
but with curses running as auras with the blasphemy gem show up on the top of the screen now?
mostly harmless
Fix your game, after patch 2.4 with AMD GPU this game is unplayable, sometimes. It's XXI century but this game is horrible in this case............. Two years ago, it was better, in my opinion it's a shame for you GGG.
Uh! Oh! Finally we can see rage/stupid people in chat IN BETTER VERSION!! /sarkazm

For real. I cant wait for new league :)
May RNGesus be with you!
Looking good!

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