Content Update 2.4.2 Highlights

Oh look, a bunch of meaningless fluff with no improvements to performance or balance. And as expected, the rabble can't get enough of it.
This is a buff™
omg so much hype around chat changes what comes in 2017, after four years of worst in game chat, and i dont see it will be much better maybee more colorfull with 0 cutomization, like our graphics settings, i remember old DOS games have more options there

?what with some trade service, AH, we dont need trade channel colorized, we just want more play instead of waiting and blocking every rude/stupid person because we are forced atm to do direct trade with zone diference what is just waste of time

so again slightly improvements on something what needed been done years ago and ofc more shop items, new support packs to support our new accountant so ggg dont miss penny

fix game performance and balance game (skills/mobs) everything is big imba atm, more sense game have 4 years before then these days, ty
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When binding a skill on the skill bar, the auras that are currently active will be indicated

ohhhH less confusion ftw

We've revamped the fog system in Path of Exile and changed the environments of many areas to use this new fog

ohhhhhhh fuck OOOOOHHHH FFFUUUCCK ! Dont tell me ill stop lagging with my slow machine ?? OOOOHHHHHH !!!! I hope you have not boost it in order to force me to uninstall rofl ?

The chat user interface has been improved

Hey btw, could you guys add the day of the week too ? Like "SU 15:42" ? (su for sunday)
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Coolmer wrote:

fix game performance and balance game (skills/mobs) everything is big imba atm, more sense game have 4 years before then these days, ty

dx11 client for game performance.
how can you whine so much about performance when the post was made to address just that?
Exiles cant comprehend written information and make up things in their head that dont exist?
still sane exile?
You now know where that comment for zana comes from.
Is there a planned 3D art for alternative art whispering ice? It looks so beautiful in 2d can't wait
Hmm. As a software developer I am sure all these things took many countless hours. As a customer, I am underwhelmed with the impact.
Hooray! I've been suggesting this chat solution in various places for a long time, fingers crossed this will work like I expect!
Melee Buff ? No...? ok.
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019

It`s really good to see the game being alive and constantly updating and I appreciate that but I wonder, how many modelers do you need to model all the uniques or at least the most popular. A good portion of the fun in such a game is the visual part. Does it take so much time to create some models?
Holy F$*& Chat Improvements!!

Finally got a nice QOL added.
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