Content Update 2.4.2 Highlights

Chat changes looking good, and that cloak of flames too! Looking forward to the patch.
gg GGG :)
Cloak of Flamez, yarr!
Nice to see few improvements, especially glad cause of the looks of Cloak of Flame (does the flame in the centre looks like care bears to anyone though?). Could you also change or make whispers colors customizable? Two shades of purple/violet are not very distinguishable.
Can't wait to try out DX11, good times!
why some say rip kaoms path? nothing about this area in post.
Aye Aye Captain!
Cybil's Paw 3D Art pic was kinda cute lol
IGN: Nivius
Ty for scam <3
looks nice
Will this make trade chat great again ?

Oh wait it never was great...
YES I support the game, NO I dont agree with many GGG decisions
Atlas of Worlds is the worst thing that happen to POE.
Lab still sucks balls.
*looks at Scion's picture* Well, I'm gone to make Scion with Cybil's Paw now.
Hype!! Love you GGG

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