In addition to the other technical improvements in this week's 2.4.2 update, we have another surprise. We've developed a cloth simulation system! Today's news post explains what you can expect.

Previously, Path of Exile's cloth was all animated by hand. We've now introduced a physics system where cloth reacts to character movement, wind and also various skills. We're in the process of integrating more of the cloth in the game with this system, but in 2.4.2 the easiest way to test it out is to visit the large cloth banners in the Solaris/Lunaris temples. Over time we'll add wind effects to more skills and physical properties to more materials in the game. We will also be adding cloth simulation to new monsters and bosses over time.

The main goal of the physics engine is to improve the feel of the game world and to give stronger visual feedback to character actions. By allowing objects to influence each other in a physics-driven way, the game world feels more like a unified system, rather than a set of independent objects.

This physics system also allows us to fulfill a longstanding community request: Cloak microtransactions. This is something we've wanted to do for so long, but lacked the physics system required to make them awesome... until now.

This Friday, we'll be celebrating the announcement of our December 2.5.0 update and new challenge league with the release of two new supporter packs which both include Cloaks and other exclusive effects.

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but we sill don't have pants for that cloth
Thanks to Tigraugre46 for my beta key!
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