Cloth Physics System in 2.4.2

Thank malachai we can cosplay Zorro.
Dominus forbid you implement a particle disabling button.
Inb4 Saitiama with cape build. Keep it up, proud of you. Papa bless

"Melee is an illusion exile."
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7thFullMoon wrote:
trump hair mtx pls

Huhuhu hahahahaaha kkkk
Shut up and take my moniez GGG!
So with all these new physics additions, and particle effects, and everything else, can we finally please have some more graphics/game options, to disable this stuff? PoE has consistently been getting harder to run on my laptop, killing my framerate more and more with each new addition. For a while I couldn't play at all 'cause the Perandus mobs would literally overheat my PC.

Please, it's been long enough. Let us tone down/disable some things, and for the love of Nightmare, more options in general!
Forget everything else this improvement will be AWESOME! CLOAKS! CLOTH PHYSICS! New skills? Meh. Improved Master Missions? Not awesome. DirectX 11? Underwhelming. But CLOAKS? YES & YES!
In before realistic vegetation that moves based on the wind etc.
How about some caster defenses? Or condensing the traveling we need to do for the mandatory life node journey? How about any of the things we've asked for for years and been ignored?
Thats pretty neat! Imagine the implications of this.
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7thFullMoon wrote:
trump hair mtx pls

Thanks you made my day.

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