Cloth Physics System in 2.4.2

the Next think what we dont need.

we see here GGG creates new MTX to grap the money of the players. Did GGG have so many resources to create shit like this but old problems never fixed?.

u never can Grap my money in future!
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[2.0.2] Crit Chaos Arc with Dual Curse 61k+ DMG Voltaxic Rift
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babybaner wrote:
but we sill don't have pants for that cloth

I still want my PANTS....
Will it improve performance or make it worse? That is all I care about.
cloaks. that is all

i will be spending money this week it seems. thank you. thank you so much
Ugh, looks like I'll be purchasing a supporter pack.
GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
Cloaks?!?!?! Shut up and take my money!!!
Cloaks are the most important item in an RPG but they are consistently neglected, this is superb news bring on our cloaked overlords!
I hope and care about that all the new physics effects on characters and mobs will not lead to slow down of in-game performance and random crashes.
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OMG - now i can see animated cloak while i have zero FPS at party plays - its really REALLY GREAT JOB GGG - dont stop improove game in that way !!!

/sarcasm off

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