Cloth Physics System in 2.4.2

You gonna use this on the Prophecy armor coat? looks way too stiff as is. Also hope this means we get to use cape mtx in the future.
Wow... this is going to such a nice add-on. Finally the textures gonna fly and behave natural. Cheers to the team!

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I think you are living in the past,garena is no more,so do write in English.
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Woah, this is huge!
Man, GGG, you are doing incredible work on this game, A W E S O M E !!!

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I hope EQ gets a similar blast wave effect than FB. Imagine all the cloth in the room going "woosh" when you smash dat ground!

Powerfull update!
AS stated once (dev manifesto i think) the look of skills determines to a big portiion wether the game is fun and things feel powerfull or not.

What about ribbon enemies?

PS: I expect this to work on
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Well, apparently ggg is supposed to make a lot of money of cloak-mtx'es. Since I buy none, I completely don't understand the hype. But I guess some people even in game reality must wear some fashionable stuff?

Otherwise, I completely agree.

DrazyHaze wrote:
Yay FPS drops in lieu of cloth MTX.

Seriously though aren't there some bigger issues to take care of here?

Economy fixes...Labryinth reworks? Build versatility? (no channeled skills are not going to be groundbreaking)

Guild changes and improvements? Party play improvements?

So many things I could name that I would see as being priority and hopefully in this 2.5 reveal they have some cool things planned to improve some of this.

Still supporting this game and eager to see whats coming.
7thFullMoon wrote:
trump hair mtx pls

Sorry buddy, there ARE limits to what a physics engine can do.
Looking forward to it.

Hope there will be plenty of them to select from :)

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