Cloth Physics System in 2.4.2

You guys never fail to surprise us. Awesome.
I am very concerned about how this will affect in-game performance on older systems. Grinding Gear Games, will there be an option to disable it/turn it off? I was looking forward to playing the new league on an older laptop and if the past is any indication this will cause serious FPS problems if I do not have the option to disable it.

If you are with me and play on a potato, please post asking GGG for an option to disable it.

I love Path of Exile and have played since Beta, but I fear for my ability to continue to run it!

Post until we get a response!
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I hope this can be turn off or my pc is going to explode like that flameblast.
Great, even MORE lag.. >_<
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I think it will look better...

but without option to disable ally effects or other stuff in place i am pretty sure it will lag even more ...
Better cloth but still no pants for templar...
finally, thanks
Total 100% waste of resources when other things should be much higher priority. GGG keeps hiring people, doing all this advanced stuff, at the expense of the basics. How many times in the last year or so have we heard remarks about not having the resources to do this or that? And yet resources are being spent on totally unnecessary stuff?

I sure hope this can be turned off because it sounds like it's going to bog down systems. I suspect there will be some places that are completely unnavigable now, since they are already close to it even without this.
So I can finally look up the templars skirt now if I make him move fast enough?

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