Cloth Physics System in 2.4.2

7thFullMoon wrote:
trump hair mtx pls

bahahaha +1
Look, if it'll get me pants, I'll buy a bloody pair of wavin' in the wind Hammer pants.
Well, I'm leaving the game. If currently it works for me (lag, dsync) I can already imagine how impossible it is going to be to play with these updates. It was good while it lasted. Adios y gracias
>physics system

Look mom, we 2016 now!
GGG banning all political discussion shortly after getting acquired by China is a weird coincidence.
Is Templar still playable after this update considering the rumor that he has no pants?
Azorien wrote:
I wonder if this also makes class gender selection more probable in future...

That would be welcome; it would not have to be much more complex than what Torchlight 2 does.

Closer to topic, there are some other aesthetic additions I would like to see:

*Karui kit
This is several items, at base being the boots ('barefoot'), gloves (the bracers), body (the 'kilt', plus bare chest for the men, appropriate bindings for the women), and helmet (vanishing dye). This pack is unique in that it's earned from Haku... and has additional variant parts as you work your way up, corresponding to the various markings he says your actions have earned.

*Blackguard regalia
sets of boots, gloves, armor, shield skins, and helms based on the various Blackguard types; includes the distinctive sets from Piety, Gravicius, Artreri (all three seen in this concept art), and Aurelius (recolored Blackguard Elite)
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Nice that's actually very promising!! Keep up the good work of improving your engine!
Cape MTX? How about actual capes (from the alpha)? Bought the gloom wings for a whopping $29 on sale, not gonna get a damned fake cape.
No fun allowed.™
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