Cloth Physics System in 2.4.2

Templar needs some MC Hammer pants asap
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I wonder if this will also cause server lag, as everything else.
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
So... 3D art for stuff like Cloak of Defiance incoming?? PLEASE???

I love that this is a thing now... and will of course be unable to resist getting supporter pack(s)... but that giant flaming collar on that cape looks ridiculous.
Sexcalibure wrote:
Can we get that cape without that ugly purple fire?


Anticipation slowly dissipates...
Looks very well executed! Well done GGGuys and GGGals.
Curious about the physics engine you're using? I hope this is not going to be another kick in the teeth for AMD users?
I buy stash tabs every new league as a way of supporting them, sorta 3 month fee. For a long time I was looking forward to paid entry special leagues, which were mentioned, but never implemented. I guess whatever they think will make money for them most, can't argue. I never bought a single mtx, whatever original 3d art is for items, that works just fine for me. I'd pay for quality of life improvement(hence why buying stash tabs) or some exciting gameplay addition i.e paid challenge leagues.

I am not going to find a better arpg:) poe is the best.

Sectiplave wrote:
rararaputin wrote:
why is cloaks important? waste of time. Fix broken skills, add more items, new monsters etc

MTX sales, cloak MTX will sell like hot cakes now and provide them more avenues to produce MTX that players have been asking for.

Lets be realistic for a minute here, GGG have made a fucking amazing ARPG that is 100% FREE TO PLAY! But they are still a business who has a responsibility to their staff and owners to be profitable and continue to be so.

If you can find an ARPG that matches PoE in terms of content, updates and depth of character building and skill interaction. I firstly suggest you provide me a link then secondly go and play it :)
Nice, looking forward to the new cloak microtransactions! Hope the new supporter packs will look good with my Witch-Occultist build. I didn't like the current supporter packs as the Armour Sets are for male characters.
I hope to god the people working on this couldn't have been working on other aspects of the game and had nothing better to do
if so, then I'd say it's cool
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